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Laser Engraving - Lasergravuren und -schnitte

Marking - engraving - cutting: with state-of-the-art Trotec laser technology


Photo credits : © Trotec Laser / www.troteclaser.com

laser engraving


An engraving refers to a mechanical cutting process with a rotating, piercing or pushing tool. As a result, material is removed.

The term "engraving" is actually not quite correct with the laser engraving. The laser does not leave any resembling chips as the material evaporates. 

High energy bundled light removes material from the surface without mechanical contact with the surface. This changes the texture of the material and the engraving becomes visible.

This process is referred to as labeling or labeling. Even on glass and all other materials, the laser can remove material and create an engraving. An engraving with the laser is forgery-proof and can also be recognized as theft protection.


The laser can engrave and cut a wide variety of materials.

Non-ferrous metals:

Wood and wood materials


Paper and cardboard







ABS, PC, PA, PMMA, PE, ...






Aluminum, also anodised


hard metal



Precious metals (gold, silver, platinum)

High-speed steel




Laser engraving is most commonly used in decorative items, advertising materials, tools, signage, bar codes, gift items, technical equipment such as: For example, smartphones or tablets.

Customers can be found in all industries and areas. Industry, distribution, end users, clubs, advertising agencies, hotels and tourism industry.


We work with lasers from the manufacturer Trotec. On the one hand, a CO2 laser with an output of 80 watts and a 20-watt fiber laser.

On a maximum surface of 726 x 436 mm engraved with the help of the laser beam on a variety of materials lettering, logos or patterns. 

Even on uneven surfaces or cylindrical bodies, the laser labels reliably and without distortion, thanks to round engraving device.

How deep the laser beam penetrates into the material depends on the desired effect and is set in advance. A laser engraving is not only visible but also palpable. The material removed by the laser beam can be used to display images and even the smallest lettering or filigree graphics.

The template for a laser job is created on the computer, the setup times are therefore low, the production of a mechanical tool is eliminated. Templates / data can be created with any program that allows a vector representation.

As a result, the laser application is also suitable for small series and individual pieces. With the size of the motifs, the running time and cost of the engraving also increases.

A laser engraving is acid resistant and lightfast, and as durable as the material itself.


Are you looking for a powerful and reliable operation? 

Our workshop is equipped with the latest technology, we work as a service provider and also as a full-service provider.

Laser engraving - be creative. We are too


Schnizer GmbH Eglinger Straße 18
D-72531 Hohenstein-Ödenwaldstetten
Tel.: +49 (0) 73 87 / 98 881 - 0
E-Mail: info@schnizer.de


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